Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC) is the ability to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.

Power failure, fire, burglary, accident or human error can strike at any time, and BC planning should involve assessing the threat to people, systems and premises and looking at all the challenges a business might face.

Core elements

The ‘what if’s’ should be mapped against three essential elements: strong backup arrangements to make sure critical data and systems are always accessible; restoration services; and a physical environment from which to operate.


Your plan should make provision for people either working from home with full access to the IT and phone system, or from alternative premises. We based the fit out of our new 33,000sq ft data centre, business continuity and workspace recovery facility near Durham on customer research. Angel House includes 350 fully equipped seats with phones, server, PC or thin client terminals, printers and copiers so staff can work as usual. It also has meeting rooms, build, project and working desk space offering clients room to build a new IT system to replace the failed one if necessary


All our data centres have Tier 3 status, are staffed 24/7/365, have CCTV and escorted access, plus the option for individual security locks on individual racks, pods and caged data halls. Read more about our facilities on our Data Centre Locations page here.


Whether your business IT is based on your premises or provisioned to a public, private or hybrid cloud, you need high speed, high bandwidth connectivity. We own and operate our own 10Gb network between our data centres, which is secure, diverse and provides sub second failover with resilient internet and MPLS network connectivity.

We can ensure  you that we are able to, either maintain or quickly resume mission-critical IT functions, whether the interruption lasts for days, weeks or months. Call us on 0844 0502240 or for further information.

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