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Cloud Services – what’s all the hype?

As North East cloud services experts it’s a question we are constantly asked by people who are uncertain about the way cloud’s extraordinary promise is portrayed. The fact is, if you are using applications such as Gmail, Skype and PayPal you are already a cloud user.

Cloud solutions are not new to us, we have been applying complex virtualisation and public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, on and off premises, to our clients’ advantage for a decade. That’s why we are honest about its benefits and why like any other technology tool it should be used strategically.

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Broadly speaking if you are constantly buying extra storage and your data is growing faster than your systems, cloud is likely to bring benefits – delivering advanced business services at a fraction of the traditional cost, reducing operational and financial risk and allowing businesses to pay for only what they need, when they need it.

Technical Director Andy Hunter explains the benefits of the cloud.

As well as operating physical data centre infrastructures, we create cloud-based rented model virtual infrastructures, building whatever servers, platforms and services a client requires, all within a fully managed and monitored environment.  Each virtual data centre can be instantly scaled according to client needs, without the traditional delay associated with hardware provision or downtime to increase capacity or resource. Those businesses with their own in-house IT resource can have full portal access to their virtual data centre, putting them in control of resource management.

Many of our clients benefit from the economies of scale delivered by our hosting and colocation services and use them as a first step into cloud, either owning and managing their own data centre-located servers, or opting for a leased, fully managed cloud solution.

What cloud can do for you

The key to making cloud services work for your business is choosing ITPS as your expert partner. We will help you work out what you really need to support your business, and apply an intelligent approach to creating and supporting your cloud structure.

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