Data centre services

Every organisation is built on data, and your critical systems and data are safe in our hands.

Data centres are today’s digital fortresses, ideal for organisations struggling to manage growing data management requirements effectively, and who are considering switching from in-house, on-premise ICT in favour of a data centre solution that provides a safe, secure environment with uninterrupted access.

Experience and knowledge

Clients from SMEs and big businesses through to airline baggage handlers and emergency services trust us to deliver on and offsite highly available, secure environments that can flex alongside business needs.

About our data centre services

We offer a flexible range of data centre services, from server or rack hosting to co-location and full service models including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DRaaS and UCaaS. Every solution is designed to help clients reduce backup time, capital expenditure and risk while at the same time improving availability, security and recovery.

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