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Cloud services typically involve renting rather than buying a range of IT services, which can save you money. But don’t believe the ‘cloudwash’ that says something cannot be good unless it’s cloud – it’s not that simple.

Cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Some businesses opt for infrastructures that are all cloud, while others choose to integrate cloud as just one element, based on the level of comfort they seek from holding certain crucial systems and data on their premises.

Our cloud services are delivered via our Cisco-approved and powered data centres, which are configured to exacting standards, protected by auditable security and staffed by Cisco-qualified specialists. This gives clients the reassurance that their data is held in the UK and they can access it at any time.

We offer a wide range of on-premise, off-premise or hybrid solutions and our services are not prescriptive, we prefer to tailor each solution to meet the client’s needs.

Cloud is not new to us, we have been delivering cloud solutions for 15 years.

With such a wide range of service and delivery models on the market, make sure you get honest advice from an expert partner who can help you choose the right path to improving business processes and delivering services more effectively.

Talk to us about adopting tools that leave you free to focus on your business, and not your IT.

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