Many of our clients choose to site their own servers in our data centres. These servers can then be managed either over the web, through site visits by their own technical staff or through 24/7 cover provided by our team.

Colocation gives clients total control with all the benefits of a secure environment, and allows fast upscaling as and when their business needs it. It is the perfect solution for companies looking for control, availability and top level security, without the need to invest in the protective environment that our data centres deliver.

Project, build and meeting space

One of the added benefits of using our data centre services is our dedicated project and build rooms, which were built into our data centre in response to client demand. These fully equipped rooms provide the environment, infrastructure and the physical space in which your team, our engineers or a third party can repair or reproduce your infrastructure on site. For instance, if a client uses our colocation service and has a hardware failure, they need to remove that hardware to work on it. By using our dedicated project and build rooms they can build, test and patch into their existing racks onsite, saving time and money.

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