Disaster recovery

How would you cope if your systems were down for a minute, an hour or a day?

In our ‘big data’ society organisations are generating increasing amounts of data, on which their business depends.

If you suffered a fire, flood or accident that meant your systems and your premises were unavailable, how would you access your systems and data? Where would your staff work from? How would you continue to do business?

Our fully equipped 350-seat workspace recovery centre  in County Durham offers a completely managed service so your staff could move in and be operating in a ‘business as usual’ scenario within a couple of hours. Features include:

If you are worried that true workspace recovery is out of your financial reach, you might be surprised to hear that we can offer you a fully compliant business continuity plan for as little as £25 per seat per month.

We have the infrastructure and capacity to keep your business up and running whether an interruption lasts hours, days or months.

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