Disaster Recovery

Will you cope if disaster strikes?

How would you cope if your systems were down for a minute, an hour or a day? Every business has different needs and we can help you define your Recovery Time Objectives and create a resilient backup and recovery infrastructure and a clearly thought out business continuity strategy that will prevent problems arising.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup Resilience Manager Mark Bourn talks about disaster recovery


We can guide you through putting proactive and reactive plans in place – and regularly testing them – to help your business avoid a crisis, and make sure it’s business as usual in the event of disaster.

Even if you never suffer a major crisis, you could still fall prey to the consequences of unplanned outages. Several of our clients are in the freight, shipping and blue light emergency services sectors, where any downtime would be unthinkable. Calculate the cost of a single hour of downtime and you will see how your investment in business continuity planning and management  is essential to your survival.

Protecting your business needs an integrated approach and an individual solution. That’s why we have brought together a range of best in class technologies from major vendors such as VMware, IBM, CA and NetApp to create Symmetri – a complete portfolio of data management, backup and recovery solutions to keep your business safe.

Workspace recovery

Our workspace recovery centres give you everything you need to run your business in the event of a serious interruption. We tailor every solution to each client, and services include high speed secure communications, secure 24/7 access with on-site parking, remote working access, VoIP telephony, workstations with PCs, printers, copiers and faxes.We can help you develop and test BC and DR strategies and processes, implement a system and provide immediate 24/7 support whenever and wherever it is needed. We make sure your business is in safe hands, whatever the future throws at you.

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