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Finance deals that support your growth

We have partnerships with specialist companies offering lease options on software, services and maintenance, as well as the more traditional hardware elements of an IT solution.

So when you need to keep a tight rein on cashflow, but still be able to fund a technology infrastructure that supports business growth, we can help.

We have seen a huge take up of lease models, particularly from clients using our cloud-based solutions, who prefer to lease rather than use their own capital in order to bring top specification technology within their reach. And thanks to our own robust financial set up we have been able to extend a lot of support to clients to help them through the recession.

With so much choice around it makes sense to work with the right technology partner who can create the best IT solution, and help you fund it in exactly the right way for your business too.

Contact us now on 0844 0502240 or email to find out how we can help you keep control of your cashflow, while funding a technology infrastructure that supports your growth.

Typical example

Take an average SME with an infrastructure made up of £20,000 worth of hardware, £20,000 of software, and £10,000 in data centre services and maintenance. Our partners can wrap the £50,000 into one agreement, often in a hybrid of rental, HP and finance leases, if that is what suits the business best. A business with a good credit score could expect to pay a fixed monthly payment of around £1600 a month, guaranteed for the three years, making it attractive to businesses looking for clarity in their cash flow forecasting.

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