Microsoft Azure Stack

The power of Microsoft Azure Stack, enhanced by ITPS

By combining the power of Microsoft Azure Stack with the ITPS ethos – a collaborative approach that balances a broad IT offering with a service delivered by a highly-qualified and dedicated team – we can help your business transform, grow and succeed.

Microsoft Azure Stack allows your business to extend its on-premises environments, delivering all the benefits of the cloud but within your own environment. This will provide a single dependable cloud platform that is accessible no matter the locality or environment.

With Microsoft Azure Stack in your corner, your businesses will be all set to outperform the competition.

Azure Stack Propositions


Business Continuity

When it comes to data protection, Microsoft Azure Stack – through ongoing data replication – will ensure your data is secure and accessible. In the event of a loss or systems breach, your business can failback to another location to be up and running again in no time. You’ll hardly notice any disruption.


Business Agility

Quickly and easily leverage the cloud to develop applications and solutions by utilising a variety of tools for better resource consumption and system response time. This state of the art hybrid cloud platform actively helps keep your data and environment secure with numerous best in class security mechanisms.

Don’t follow the crowd, lead it

We are one of a handful of worldwide ICT providers to be selected to join the ‘Microsoft Azure Stack Early Adopters’ program. This means our clients are one of the first to have the chance to experience, and benefit from, the power of Microsoft Azure Stack.

So, if you want a partner that will help your organisation get everything out of tomorrow’s technology today – we are the right company for your business.

“I have personally worked with ITPS for over 12 years and during that time they have become a trusted partner for our IT needs both locally and internationally…

GAC are looking to move more services into the Cloud and Microsoft Azure Stack aligns perfectly with our Digital Strategy. Harnessing the advantages of Azure, while maintaining the trusted relationship with ITPS that we know we can rely on for our business-critical services.“
Robbie Naden |

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