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Improve customer service by finding the most skilled or appropriate contact point within your contact centre irrespective of the communication

For organisations a major challenge is to ensure the incoming contact from the customer, (be it voice, email, chat or a social media feed) is handled by the most appropriate person available. Historically this has been easy when focussing on a single channel environment and using ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) functions to send the call to the agent. ACD’s can distribute calls in a basic fashion, for example send to a group of agents all at once, or an ACD can make a statistically intelligent decision on who to send the call to based on:


In a multi-channel contact centre traditional ACD routing can be overridden if there is no communication between the systems delivery the alternate forms of contacts. Situations can occur where an agent is on a phone call and the email system delivers them an email to service however they cannot at that time. This has a dramatic impact on service levels, both internal and external, for the business as well as potential to overload the agent with workload and reduce productivity.

ITPS’s contact centre partners provide a range of solutions to meet the intelligent routing demands.

Irrespective of the contact channel today’s intelligent routing engines use business rules to determine who will be given the next contact. If the business rules permit multiple contacts are allowed to be allocated to an agent – called multiplicity – thus allowing for increased productivity for those able to handle the multiple contacts.

ITPS can discuss and work with the organisation to ensure the routing rules cover requirements for:

Depending on the existing call centre technology within the organisation, intelligent routing may require consultation and design please contact your ITPS account manager.

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